Compensation Plan
The Super Affiliate Accelerator is designed to give new & existing affiliate marketers the mindset & strategic training, support & mentorship they need to start & scale their business online. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind ($3,000 or 3 x $1,300) - This Super Affiliate Accelerator is a complete online education & mentorship program that teaches the fundamental mindset & strategic frameworks necessary to be successful with affiliate marketing. Students receive access to the library of in depth video training, the private FB Mastermind community & the weekly group mentorship calls. These 3 pillars of the program serve to ensure maximum learning for all students & drive implementation with a focus on RESULTS! The strategic training is continuously being updated to develop our students skills as affiliate marketers and all round digital entrepreneurs. We value both the mindset & strategy & aim to provide the best in the business training to our students across both these areas of study. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Basic ($1,500) - A starter package to get involved in the SAA Program. This includes the training portal, future updates & affiliate program access. This does NOT include the private community & weekly calls. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Deluxe ($5,000) - A premium option for those who want the best. Everything included in the Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind PLUS 2 x One To One Calls With The SAA Founder, Jacob Caris. 

Super Affiliate Intensive ($100) - The Super Affiliate Intensive is a 4 day training program teaching the fundamentals of the MOCA Blueprint. In addition, students receive access to 3 bonus trainings, interviews with successful students & an implementation call with one of our coaches. 

Results Amplifier Pack ($37) - This is an interview with a specialist HTAM closer who shares some INSANE secrets to closing high ticket affiliate sales. 

Affiliate Referral Plan Overview

In order to promote the Super Affiliate Accelerator Program & The Super Affiliate Intensive, you must be a member of the Accelerator. Once a member of the Program you will be able to apply to become an affiliate. SAA has full discretion over the acceptance & rejection of affiliates. We require all affiliates to be an active member of the Mastermind to maintain the highest standard of brand & imagine. We do not want affiliates who are not members, with no information about how the mastermind is run or the full scope of the training & mentorship promoting the product. 

We pay a 40% commission to affiliates on sales that are both one time payments & payment plan if we close the sale on behalf of the affiliates. We pay 50% commission if the affiliate closes the sale themselves. 

We pay a 90% commission on sales of the Super Affiliate Intensive. 

We pay a 50% commission on sales of the Results Amplifier Pack. 

We reserve the right to change the compensation plan & product pricing & structures at any time & will provide appropriate notice & communication to all affiliates. 

* We reserve our right to run promotions, bundles, deal & discounts at our complete discretion. In the event we do this, affiliates will be compensation based on the amount collected.